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A dental bridge is a false tooth that replaces broken or missing teeth. The dentists at Houston Medical Center Dental offer dental bridges as a fast and long-lasting method to rebuild missing teeth. The dental bridge works by “bridging” the gap formed by the missing teeth. The false teeth are fastened to its neighbors, either by crowns or by metal bands and composite resin.

Unlike some implant procedures, which can require numerous visits and general anesthetic, the bridge procedure only requires local anesthetic and two office visits. During the first visit, the dentist will examine the area around the missing teeth, including the gums, and make an impression for the bridge. The patient is fitted with a temporary bridge until the dentist receives the permanent bridge from the laboratory.

When the permanent bridge is ready, the dentist removes the temporary bridge and checks the fit on the permanent bridge in the patient’s mouth. Once the dentist and the patient are satisfied with the fit, the dentist applies a bonding agent to the bridge. The dentist inserts the permanent bridge and checks the seals for air bubbles or leaks to ensure a snug fit.

Bridges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A fixed bridge consists of a false tooth attached to crowns and bonded to the neighboring teeth. The fixed bridge technique is the most commonly applied type of bridge, as it forms a permanent bond to the surrounding teeth. A resin bonded bridge uses metal bands and composite resin and does not provide as much strength and support as a fixed bridge. A cantilever bridge, typically found in front teeth, is used if the teeth on one side of the gap are not healthy enough to support the fixed bridge.

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