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Teeth Whitening Page

Everyone wants a whiter smile. Coffee, colas and tobacco products all leave teeth yellow and stained. Toothpastes, mouthwashes and other home products promise to whiten teeth and brighten smiles. Most of these home-based products over-promise and under-deliver while consumers spend inordinate amounts of money and see inconsistent results. The real solution to teeth whitening can be found in the offices of Houston Medical Center Dental.

A consultation with one of our experienced dentists will determine if a patient is a suitable candidate for a teeth whitening treatment. The dentist will examine the color, depth and extent of the stains. If the staining is not deep or is easily treatable, a teeth whitening session may bring back that smile to its former luster.

The dentist may recommend an in-patient procedure known as “chairside bleaching”. The procedure, which typically only requires a single office visit, involves the application of a protective gel or shield to protect the sensitive gum tissue. The dentist or hygienist applies a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching agent to the teeth, then shines a halogen light on the affected area.

The bleaching agent reacts to the frequencies of the halogen light to whiten the tooth enamel. The high-energy blue light excites the peroxide molecules in the bleaching agent without damaging the delicate tissues around the teeth. The procedure often takes thirty minutes to an hour and patients will notice the color changes almost immediately.

The chairside bleaching procedure has been shown to be both safe and effective. The process often takes less time and shows better results than home bleaching kits, whitening strips or mouthwashes. The session is fast and painless, with no need for sharp tools or sedation. In all, Houston Medical Center Dental can deliver the whiter smile that patients desire quickly and easily.

If you want whiter teeth and a brighter smile, contact the Houston Medical Center Dental offices today!