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Laser Dentistry Page

In recent years, lasers have gone from the stuff of sci-fi B-movies to parts of everyday life. The use of lasers in dentistry has allowed dentists to treat gum disease at any earlier stage than previously possible. Laser periodontics techniques can be highly effective in the treatment of people who cannot be administered strong pain medications or anesthetic.

Lasers provide patients with more comfort during routine procedures. The discomfort of laser dentistry is much less than what patients experience under traditional methods, so the need for anesthesia is reduced. Lasers work in virtual silence, with only a click to signal their power states, rather than the loud and disconcerting whine of drills. The precision of a drill is limited to its bit size, whereas lasers can work on much finer points of focus. Lasers allows for more precision, less vibration and an easier experience in the chair.

When a patient requires a filling, the laser can excavate as little space as needed to fill the cavity. The laser procedure causes less trauma to the surrounding tissue than traditional drills. This procedure reduces the risks of injury, infection and oversensitivity of the tooth. Since laser procedures produces smaller and more precise incisions, patients experience less bleeding and less need for sutures.

Laser dentistry is also much safer for sensitive patients, including children, pregnant women and patients with serious medical conditions. Numerous types of dentistry lasers have received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use on both adults and children. The primary safety precaution for laser dentistry patients is the wearing of protective goggles to shield the eyes from the strong, bright beams of light.

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