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ClearCorrect Clear Alignment Therapy

For patients who need bite alignment, but who wish to avoid the unattractive appearance metal braces, the dentists at Houston Medical Center Dental can provide an alternative. ClearCorrect, the invisible alignment therapy system, allows patients to bring their bites into line without the unsightly metal wires and brackets.

The ClearCorrect system uses a set of clear plastic aligners that patients can easily remove during meals or their daily dental care routines. The dentists at Houston Medical Center Dental examine the teeth for flaws, mold bite impressions and take X-rays. The dentist sends the data to ClearCorrect, where they develop a series of aligners to bring the patient’s bite into alignment.

ClearCorrect uses advanced technology to create 3D models of the patient’s teeth. The ClearCorrect system tracks how each aligner will straighten the patient’s bite, step by step, until the patient sees the desired results. Each aligner is generated by a 3D printer from the computer models, which ensures that the aligners will fit perfectly during each phase of the process.

Over the weeks and months, the dentist will examine the patient and assess the alignment process. Every six weeks, the patient will receive a new set of two aligners. The patient wears the first aligner for three weeks, then switches to the second. The patient must wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day to ensure proper alignment.

The ClearCorrect system has several advantages over traditional braces. The fitting procedure is much less invasive than that for metal braces, which also makes the aligners much more comfortable to wear. The clear aligners allow patients to maintain their normal routines and smile as they please. Since the aligners are removable, the patient does not need to worry about food particles adhering to them.

The professionals at Houston Medical Center Dental can determine if you are a candidate for ClearCorrect. Contact us today to learn more!